Independent Living Apartments are a new addition to the variety of independent living units available within the Village Baxter.

This accommodation would suit someone seeking to live in a smaller unit and to be close to our dining room, lounge and Chapel.

One Bedroom Apartment

One bedroom Apartments comprise a lounge/dining area, small kitchenette and a separate bedroom with ensuite. The kitchenette has an electric two burner hotplate, pantry and bench space to accommodate a microwave oven.

Inverloch (1 Bedroom)


Residents will be expected to provide their own breakfast and morning/afternoon tea but may chose to dine on a permanent or random basis in the dining room. Groceries can be purchased from the on-site kiosk or the Village bus will provide transport to local stores.

Residents living in the Apartments are encouraged to use the dining room, central lounge, Chapel, greenhouse and outdoor barbeque area. All Village facilities and activities are open to anyone residing in the Apartments.

As with all the independent living units, carpets, drapes, heating and hot water service are provided. Residents provide their own furniture, refrigerator, linen, crockery, wall hangings etc.

An emergency call button to the Village nurses is provided in all Apartments.

Housekeeping and laundry are available as additional support services. A list of fees is attached. Residents living in the Apartments are able to use the Home and Community Care Services and receive Community Aged Care Package supports if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Car Parking

Car parking is provided in Entrance 1. Residents who drive must park in Entrance 1 and walk to the Apartments. Parking at the back of Administration is reserved for Administration staff and visitors. Visitor parking is in Entrance 2 only.

Scooter Storage

Scoter storage is located in the South courtyard, a small fee is payable for the electricity used to charge the scooter. Scooters are not to be stored in walkways. Please note that scooters are not permitted inside the main buildings, Hostel Lounge/Reception area as they are a hazard to frailer Residents.